What is about?

An evaluation tool for VET providers to assess the quality of their educational services/offerings through a self-assessment process but also through feedback provided by graduates. Based on the input provided, the tool will create personalized advice reports with suggested improvements.


Users shall fill out a form with questions in 6 key performance areas to self-evaluate the quality of their services. After completing the questionnaire, VET providers will get their results to see how many points they gathered and what indicators need further improvement. They have the option to create as many sessions of evaluation as they want to track their performance over time or/and to assess the performance of individual departments.
Also, VET providers will be able to extract a URL through the tool that will be shared with the learners containing questions in the selected indicators. The URL will be available for 6 months from the time it was created. When learners’ answers will gathered, VET providers will be able to compare their self-assessment results with learners’ evaluation. The questionnaire that is addressed to learners contains one extra section where the employment status is defined. The results of this sector will be compared with official data given by Eurostat.

Added value

By using the Digital Tool, VET providers will be able to enhance the quality of their services and adapt them to the market needs. In addition, graduates will be able to contribute to high-quality VET provision and compare their employment status with official European data.


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(Improving VET Providers' Uses
of Graduate Tracking feedback)

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