Challenge & Mission

The project sets out to develop a framework and tools for the operationalisation of a feedback loop involving graduate data collection, data processing and adaptation to constantly shifting labour market environment by VET providers themselves.

This objective is driven by the need for VET providers to strengthen their capacities for independent self-adaptation (effectively exploiting advantages of flexibility, local market intelligence, proximity to communities), through efficient graduate data handling and processing, within processes of alignment with labour and other market needs. Simultaneously, the project adopts an integrated approach aiming to promote harmonization of such feedback loop practices and resources across VET contexts and the development of international standards, data sharing, co-processing and transparency in implementing them.

InTheLoop4VET forms a partnership of leading institutions in the field of vocational education, and research to meet the objective of increasing the involvement of VET providers in feedback loop design, development and implementation. The partnership is composed by three VET providers – Folksuniversitetet (SE), Ernestas Galvanauskas (LT), CIPFP Valle de Elda (ES), an EU-wide association representing VET providers (EVBB, DE) and a research organisation with cross-sectoral research expertise (PROMEA, GR). Bringing in a diversity of capacities and organizational experience,

InTheLoop4VET project encompasses capacity development activities on graduate data generation and use, institutional adaptation, development of digital feedback loop supporting tools and networking for data sharing and interoperability of feedback loops. The methodological approach is modular in design in addressing distinct stages required for setting up a feedback loop mechanism at VET provider level, based on generating and using graduate tracking data and market intelligence in a targeted and combined provision adaptation approach.

The approach is bottom up in valorizing the potential of micro-reforms implemented independently by VET providers with increased data handling skills for responding to market needs and aligning its provision means and content accordingly.

The consolidation of the InTheLoop4VET framework in complementarity to existing EU-wide QA frameworks and arrangements will bring added value derived from the empowerment of VET providers in the relevant decision-making processes and consultations. The dissemination of the InTheLoop4VET framework and tools – developed as context-specific and amenable to harmonisation at the transnational level – is foreseen to be impactful for the majority of VET schools beyond the partnership countries, increasing their flexibility, competition-drive and synergistic profile in effecting adaptation to evolving socio-economic needs. Finally, through the non-proprietary digital resources that the project is going to make available, we facilitate the establishment of common reporting standards and sustainable outlets for sharing tracking and adaptation data.

Project duration : 01/09/2019 – 28/02/2022

Project Budget: 308 276,00 €