Objectives & Results


  1. Increasing engagement of VET providers in the establishment and implementation of feedback loops
  2. Building VET providers’ capacities for generating & collecting graduate tracking data
  3. Improving VET providers’ uses of tracking data for provision adaptation purposes
  4. increasing graduate data sharing rates and comparability of VET graduates’ data


  • VET graduate tracking toolkit (O1)
  • Tracking data and provision performance correlation mechanism (02)
  • VET provision adaptation framework (O3)
  • Recommendations for VET providers and repository of VET provision adaptation results (O4)
  • 5 information days on the InTheLoop4VET project in partnership countries to share and disseminate project results (E1-E5)
  • Project website: One-stop online access to all project outputs and resources, facilitating all target groups and stakeholders in comprehending, assessing, and adopting project results.
  • Web-based / e-mail campaign: Contacting target groups and stakeholders all across Europe, aiming to inform, motivate, and promote involvement in project activities.
  • Online social media pages, videos, and presentations: These tools aim to extend the reach of dissemination efforts by exploiting the appeal of new media, especially to younger individuals and those not reached by other project dissemination activities.
  • Printed materials: Brochures/flyers and posters to provide concrete information during project and third-party training, dissemination, and networking events.